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12 days of Yoga Inspiration

Zoom Yoga Schedule   December 12th - 23rd  9:30-10:45am

Each class will focus on a specific area of the body or a therapeutic flow

to help with holiday stress and prepare you for a

relaxing, balanced season ahead.

12th - Day 1 Saturday - winter salutations

this version of the sun salutation will prepare you for anything this season

13th - Day 2 Sunday -  jolly & joyful
gratitude gratitude gratitude

14th - Day 3 Monday - holiday twist
Twas the twist before Christmas...

this class is designed to help wring out tension and stress

15th - Day 4 Tuesday - lifted hearts
back bends (big and small) to lift spirits bright

16th - Day 5 Wednesday - sink & settle
this class will help to release anxiety and holiday stress in the hips and lower back

17th - Day 6 Thursday - stand up strong
we will practice standing poses that will energize and give you a big boost


18th - Day 7 Friday - warrior wellness
yoga cardio sequence of warriors and more to explore


19th - Day 8 Saturday - festive flow
move and find your groove with this flow

20th - Day 9 Sunday - relax & reset
return to balance with a calm and quiet sequence of soothing poses

21st - Day 10 Monday - o Christmas tree
stretching up and rooting down - find your inner tree

22nd - Day 11 Tuesday - the Christmas core
discover the core of yourself, mind body and spirit

23rd - Day 12 Wednesday - mellow & mindful
explore your personal yoga flow of movements and postures

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