Fall Schedule - September

2121 Marine drive, West  Vancouver




Move and Reach (for Parkinson's and other movement disorders) 1:30pm - Seniors Centre

This thoughtful yoga adapted class is focused on gentle mindful movements, and exercises to regain strength and help to increase mental alertness. A limited class size, we have a skilled volunteer to assist us.

hatha   9:30am - Seniors Centre - marine room

Hatha yoga balances the mind and body through a combination of classical postures and breathing techniques. Improve balance and flexibility while clearing the mind and promoting relaxation. Modifications and options provided. All levels welcome.


restorative flow  9:15am - WVCC - ocean room

A combination of gentle Hatha and relaxing restorative postures, restorative flow yoga is a slow paced gentle movement class that relaxes and refreshes the body.

flow   9:15am - WVCC - ocean room

A moderately-paced flow class to help you feel centred, focused, and restored. Postures encourage alignment, flexibility and gentle movement. Suitable for people looking for a well-rounded flow class. Modifications and options are provided.

Yoga Bliss Retreat

The Yoga Bliss retreats are an afternoon yoga experience intended to soothe and restore your mental and physical energy.

This "mini" retreat will help to balance the mind, body and spirit, while rejuvenating with gentle yoga sequences, and a guided meditation.

This retreat is designed for busy people who don't have the time to get out of town for a weekend, but want the relaxing benefits that one would offer.

We offer the Yoga Bliss retreat three times a year, and usually at the beginning of a new season.

"I recently attended a Spring Yoga Bliss Retreat that Peter hosted.

Not only was it fun, insightful and multi-faceted but Peter’s passion for yoga and living with kindness and gratitude is contagious."

 -  Paget Bentham

Private lessons & Special events

A public yoga class isn't for everyone, because of a lack of time or work schedule.  A private lesson will offer you an opportunity to ask questions and a receive a tailored lesson that suits your needs, abilities and schedule.

Private sessions are ideal for people who:

- have specific health concerns and are unable to travel easily

- have a small group and prefer to practice in your own space

- have a busy work schedule, making it more feasible to practice at home

- require more hands on attention and want  opportunity to ask questions

Private sessions are centred around you!  All you need is some space and a yoga mat.

Contact me for a free consultation.